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" I need you to be clingy because I’m paranoid and I begin to think you don’t like me if you’re not. "

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YOU’RE !!!!

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Hey, fluoride is really harmful in any amount because of electronegative energy, which is the tendency to draw in electrons, this will distort biological functions that have not evolved to cope with the levels of fluoride they are being exposed to, and unfortunately, all well waters on average contain 500 x more fluoride than surface or rain water, surface and rain waters are what we evolved with for the majority of our evolution, rain water is the same as distilled water, you should drink that.

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Bunny massage | [X] - SpicaSirius


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Bruh how tf do you get rid if back fat

Unfortunately, you can’t spot reduce which means that you can’t burn fat from a specific place. All you can do is do cardio and it comes from where is comes from,

I’m gonna get surgery

well you can’t sport reduce but you can do strength training back exercises and cardio it was pretty effective for me ! 


bleep bloop heres my face

jesus save me you’re so beautiful !!

My natural hair ladies



I’m trying to start the process of dyeing my hair today and need some advice. I have a 4c pattern, been natural for about a year (holy fruit pie), and am wanting to do a pastel colour (silver mainly). SO if you know of anyone that has a blog that can cater to dyeing your hair for NATURAL HAIR that’d be awesome. 


try dyehardblackhair colorfulcuties


everyone: french is such a beautiful language
me: bâtard. je t'emmerde espèce de sale de fils de pute je baise toute ta famille gros enfoiré de ta mère. nique ta race gros con de merde, je te pisse dessus, va te faire mettre. va bouffer des radis sale raclure
everyone: so beautiful